14th Annual NZACE Conference

Theme: Vine to Wine: Maturing Co-operative Education

Location: Napier, Hawkest Bay, April 18-19, 2011

Allister McLay Best Paper Award

Ethical considerations and values development in work-integrated learning programs
Karsten Zegwaard and Matthew Campbell

Papers and presenters:

Opening Address
Mark Neal – Research Professor, EIT, Hawkes Bay

Keynote Address: “Ready to work?”: Making authentic and trustworthy judgments in cooperative education
Mary Hill – Auckland University

Facebook: From offline to online communities of practice in practice based learning
Diana Ayling, Denisa Hebblethwaite

Blogging Student Projects: Communicating and Assessing with Blogs
David Skelton

Being where teachers are – an online community of practice for tertiary teachers
Diana Ayling, Edward Flagg

Student perceptions of an apprenticeship based ICT degree
Sandra Cleland, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Aaron Steele

Winners in the classroom and losers in the field
Sally Rae

Mentoring Interns: The overlap between academic supervision and mentoring
Owen Giles

Using Twitter to enhance reflective practice on work placements
Mark Lay, Levinia Paku

Evidence of learning in reflective practice: A case study of computer-assisted analysis of students’ reflective blogs
Amy Forbes

Examining the efficacy of a work-based learning project: Preparing new academics to teach in higher education contexts
Deb Clarke

Work Integrated Learning (WIL): Case studies and a template for good practice
Andrew J. Martin, Malcolm Rees, Manvir Edwards

Ako Aotearoa
Peter Coolbear

Enhancing Cooperative Education Placement through the use of Learning Management System Functionalities
Sharleen Howison

Ethical considerations and values development in work-integrated-learning programs
Matthew Campbell, Karsten Zegwaard

Co-op Student – The Centre of Attention?
Shiu Ram

Best Practice of IBL Project – A case study
Noel Yahanpath, Lesley Thomas

Is Resistance Futile?: Neoliberal Agendas and the Bachelor of Arts Internships
Jessica Johnston

The Integration of Eportfolios in Cooperative Education: Lessons Learnt
Keryn McDermott, Sonja Gallagher

Development towards a professional values framework: community and practitioners’ perspective
Karsten Zegwaard, Matthew Campbell

Managing student programming projects with Redmine
John Jamieson

A brief discussion on the undergraduate students paid semester work and its impact on retention rate?
Noel Yahanpath, Edgar Burns

Student perceptions of critical thinking
Katharine Hoskyn, Sally Rae

Critical Reflection – Journals versus Blogs
Patricia Lucas, Jenny Fleming

Using cloud-based tools for capstone industry projects – a case study
Michael Verhaart, Kim Hagen Hall

Student – workplace – institution: does the tail wag the dog?
Matthew Campbell

Student presentations
Stacey Bryan, Stacey Buchanan, Tim Mason, Alice Wang

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