17th Annual NZACE Conference

Theme: Embracing Change
Location: Rangi Ruru Early Childhood College, Christchurch, Wednesday 30th, April – Friday 2nd May 2014

Allister McLay Best Paper Award

The first hurdle: Preparing students for industry Interviews
Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell, and Aaron Steele

Keynote Speakers

The University Embraces Change
Dr Chris Gallavin, Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Law, University of Canterbury 

Innovation and ‘Epic’ change: A catalyst for innovation
Wil McLellan, Epic Innovation

Papers and presenters

Building institutional capacity to enhance access and participation in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) *
Matthew Campbell, Jacqueline Mackaway, Deborah Peach, Keri Moore, Sonia Ferns, Theresa Winchestor-Seeto

Mentoring Mentors: Cooperative Education in the ICT Education Industry *
Aaron Steele, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell

Small-form tablet technology within Vocational Education: Work-integration from automotive lecturers perspectives
Lee Baglow

Making a match: Achieving the best outcomes for industry partners, Cooperative Education students and AUT University
Keryn McDermott

Stakeholder perspectives of the influences on student learning *
Jenny Fleming

AUT placement expo: Bringing organisations and students together
Annie Dignan

How can projects run by academic institutes be used to further research within industry? *
Brenda Lloyd and Susan Chard

Cooperative Education: Lessons from the All Blacks and Outward Bound
Andrew Martin

Achievement, Retention, Transitions: New Zealand’s youth guarantee initiatives *
Josh Williams and Octavia Palmer

Validating the use of PPBS to assess social withdrawal among Hong Kong preschoolers in low-income families *
Chi-Hung Leung

Student’s perceptual change after engaging in work-integrated learning *
Karsten E. Zegwaard and Matthew Campbell

Reflections on teaching business communication by distance to first year tertiary students *
Luke Strongman

Students perceptions of reflective journal writing: What should I write about?
Patricia Lucas

Blended learning and supervision of distance internship and project students *
David Skelton

How high is the gloss on cooperative education posters? *
Yvonne Wood, Erwin Losekoot, Lindsay Neill and Jane Legget

The first hurdle: Preparing students for industry Interviews *
Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell, and Aaron Steele

*Paper appears in conference proceedings

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