A year and a half ago WACE set up and Student Honor Society.  The NZACE nomination was accepted and was the first inductee into the WACE Student Honor Society. The WACE Student Honor Society recognises students who have undertaken an international or overseas student.

As the majority of placements in New Zealand are within New Zealand, NZACE has set up an award for students who have undertaken a domestic placement.  The criteria are the same as those used for the WACE award.  Recipients of the awards receive a certificate and website recognition of the award.

Below are nomination forms for each award and also the information received from WACE.  Nominations will be reviewed within NZACE by people from institutions other than those nominating students.  The nominator needs to be a member of NZACE.

If you have any queries about the awards, please contact info@nzace.ac.nz