19th Annual NZACE Conference

Theme: Advocacy, Collaboration, Engagement

Location: Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand: 20th – 21st, April 2016

Allister McLay Best Paper Award

“You can See it in Their Eyes”: Learning Flashpoints in Work-Integrated Learning
Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Anna Rowe

Papers and presenters

Using a Placement Portfolio to Prepare Health Sciences Students for the Work-Integrated Learning Journey and Beyond*
Elizabeth Abery

Academic, Supervisor, Mentor, Mother: The Emotional Roller Coaster of Facilitating the Student Work-Integrated Learning Placement Journey*
Elizabeth Abery, Jessica Shipman Gunson

Work-Integrated Learning: Making a Contribution to Less Privileged Communities at Home and Abroad*
Deb Agnew, Shane Pill, Jan Orrell

Promoting Development of Critical Thinking Through Work-Integrated Learning*
Jay Hays, Bhavana Metha

Are Students Acquiring the Skills, Competencies and Work Experience that Align with Industry Needs and WIL Course Design?*
Denisa Hebblethwaite

Participants’ Experience and Impact on their Practice from Engaging in an Online Professional Development Work-Integrated Learning Module*
Katharine Hoskyn, Karsten Zegwaard, Judie Kay, Kristina Johansson, Sonia Ferns, Norah McRae

Some Aspects of Supervising Students’ Action Research: Challenges and Possible Solutions*
Sadhana Kumari, Tanya Pintchouk, Susan Widger

Giving Academic Credits for Students who have Obtained Summer Internships*
Brenda Lloyd, Susan Chard

Benefits of Cooperative Education: Student Perceptions at Manukau Institute of Technology*
Renuka Narayan

Designing and Implementing Work-Integrated Learning within a Computing Degree Course*
Kathryn MacCallum

The Internship Paper as an Overseas Experience for International Students*
Sarita Pais, Premalatha Sampath, Justin Joseph

Are Internships Less Academically Robust than Final Projects? Answering the Critics*
David Skelton

Psychology Interns, Alumni and Field Supervisors: Collaboration via Online Community of Practice*
Benita Stiles-Smith, Barbara Kennedy

‘The Ends Justify the Means’: Reconciling Reputation Management with the Meaning of Work in Cooperative Distance Education*
Luke Strongman

Don’t get Left Behind: Using LinkedIn and Online Technology to Enhance Work-Integrated Learning*
Grant Verhoeven, Andrew Tui

“You can See it in Their Eyes”: Learning Flashpoints in Work-Integrated Learning*
Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Anna Rowe

“I’m from the university and I’d like to make a few changes”: Integration or Disintegration?
Felicity McArdle and Megan Gibson

Having a Student Around: What is the Impact on the Workplace Team?
Jenny Fleming, Judene Pretti and Karsten Zegwaard

Reflections on Implementing a New WIL Module in a Provincial New Zealand Tertiary Institution
John Gourdie, Trish Clokie and Anne Morrison

Vocational Thresholds in GP Medicine, Carpentry, and Engineering
Karen Vaughan

Work-Integrated Learning Qualities of First Year Assessments in the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
Lukas Dreyer, Michael Mann and Aaron Steele

The Effectiveness of Strength and Conditioning Internships among Undergraduate Students: The Students’ Perspective.
Farzanah Aiyub Desai and Tim Seaholme

Diversity Down Under: Regional Challenges Placing International Students in Industry
Aaron Steele, Catherine Snell-Siddle and Sarah Snell

“Times that by 100”: Learning from International Practica
Kathryn Hay and Simon Lowe

Setting Great Expectations: Better People Make Better Graduates
Andrew Martin

A Transactional Model of Critical Reflection: Collaboration, Advocacy, and Engagement
Patricia Lucas

Bringing Theory and Practice Together: Mentoring for Leadership
Megan Gibson and Felicity McArdle

Students’ Advice about Learning Off Campus: Have Courage and Expect the Unexpected
Yvonne Wood, Sonja Gallagher, Megan Roberts, Jenny Fleming and Neil Haigh

Industry Based Learning – A Student’s Perspective
Shui Ram

Employer Expectations for Number and Length of U.S. Internships: Implications for Preparing Young Adults to Enter the Workplace.
Phil Gardner

* Paper appears in proceedings

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