Celebrating 25 Years with Lifelong Learning

April 26-28, 2017 | Queenstown, NZ


Queenstown was the perfect location to celebrate 25 years of NZACE. Special guest speakers, an opportunity to honour people who have made all this possible, and a chance to meet new friends lived up to the celebration.   All three days offered exceptional talks and networking.

Dr. Patricia Linn

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Patricia Linn earned her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Kansas in 1979.  Following 6 years as a full-time researcher, she joined the psychology faculty at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH.  In 1999 she was named to the J.D. Dawson Chair of Cooperative Education.  In this role she split her time between research and serving as a co-op advisor. She was Project Director for a lifespan study of cooperative education at Antioch College. In 2005 she was appointed Chair of the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Antioch University Seattle.  Now trying to retire, she recently published a final report of the lifespan project.


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