Keynote Speaker for NZACE Conference 2018 Announced

Please join us as we welcome renowned New Zealand Chef, Author and TV celebrity Robert Oliver as the keynote speaker for this year’s conference. We are excited to have him joining us on beautiful Waiheke Island. His participation will anchor an exceptional gathering of NZACE members on the wonderful Island setting.

Renowned New Zealand chef, author and TV celebrity, Robert Oliver, has achieved many accolades in recognition for his exceptional work in the cuisine industry. He is the author of two award-winning cookbooks which have highlighted the value of indigenous Pacific food and inspiring locals and restaurants to create food using local produce. Robert’s passion for sustainable cuisine has influenced his work with Pacific communities in organic farming and sustainable fisheries.  He has been instrumental in training and educating both businesses and local communities in using organic and local produce and linking women and the youth to business opportunities. Robert’s love of food does not stop with his creations but extends to empowering local producers and showcasing the Pacific culture and its offerings. In 2017, Robert Oliver was a recipient of the Kea New Zealand awards for his contribution to the culinary industry, for the promotion of Pacific culture and his humanitarian work. He has recently been appointed United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Pacific Food, Health and Sustainability.   Pacific countries have been identified amongst top ten countries with youth obesity rates. This role was created in recognition of Robert’s commitment to Pacific cuisine and his knowledge of the role of good nutrition in reducing risks of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.