Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education (APJCE) is excited to announce that APJCE has been renamed to the ‘International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning’ (IJWIL).

Since the commencement of APJCE, the readership, authorship, and editorship has grown well-beyond the Asia-Pacific region and the term ‘work-integrated learning’ (WIL) has become the internationally accepted umbrella term to describe a broad range of work-focussed learning activities such as cooperative education.  The new journal name reflects these changes and better captures what has been the scope of the journal.

The new website is now accessible at, the old APJCE web address will redirect to the new site.

All publications under the APJCE name are shown on the new site, and because IJWIL is a new name for an existing journal, volume numbers will continue on from previous.  The first few publications for this year are now also available.

Dr Karsten Zegwaard
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning.