Dr Karsten Zegwaard has recently been appointed as Director of WIL Research, WIL Central Unit, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), at the University of Waikato.  This newly created role is part of Waikato’s institutional-wide expansion into WIL and will be pivotal for the academic advancement of WIL through achievements in research and scholarship.  “It is exciting to see Waikato commit to institutional-wide WIL and recognise the importance of developing research-informed best practice of WIL.  This development will be a defining element of education at Waikato.  Having a key role as part of that development will be very rewarding both professionally and personally.” The role will require maintaining central oversight of all academic and research dimensions of WIL processes, enabling WIL research across the institution, and working closely with the recently appointed Central WIL Manager, Dr Sandy Muller, and the newly formed WIL Central Office.