The WACE World Conference, August 2019, was kindly hosted by the University of Cincinatti which is the 1906 birthplace of Co-op and what we now recognise as WIL. Professor Schneider is considered by many as the father of co-op. He was well ahead of his time and had the tenacity (temerity?) to start an entire new branch of academic pedagogy in the face of stiff resistance from his own university. He eventually became the President of Cincinatti University.

This article by Mary Niehaus is a very entertaining and informative read, University of Cincinnati Co-op: 100 years of success.

The attendees pictured above are; Karsten Zegwaard (Director of WIL Research, University of Waikato), Anne Fannon (Director of WatPD, University of Waterloo), Judene Pretti (Director of WatCACE, University of Waterloo), Christine Arsenault (Director of Management Co-op, University of Toronto).