For the NZACE conference in April 2017, EASYCHAIR is now open for abstract submissions.

Instructions for EASYChair for NZACE Conference

EasyChair is an online conference management system used for NZACE Conferences. In order to submit papers to the conference you must first create an EasyChair account.
Note: If you have used EasyChair for a previous conference your existing username and password will work for the current NZACE conference – go to Paper Submission instructions below.

EasyChair Account Creation

1. Go to the EasyChair NZACE Conference page using this EASYCHAIR LINK.
2. Click the sign up for an account link
3. Enter the re-CAPTCHA text (this is to stop automated programs from misusing EasyChair)
4. Fill in the form and click Continue
5. You should now get an account creation email from EasyChair. Follow the link provided in the email and complete the Account Creation form and click Create my account.

NZACE EasyChair Paper Submission

1. Go to the current EasyChair NZACE Conference page using the link in the email
2. Sign in using your EasyChair User name and Password
3. Selected New Submission from the menu bar
4. Fill in to form with the author and submission details.
Then please copy and paste Title and Abstract into the box. Enter Keywords and Select the Topic (Type of Abstract you are submitting)
5. Click the Submit button. At this stage there is no need to upload a file. This can be done later if you submit a paper. So just ignore this part of the screen when submitting an abstract.
Just move down the screen and submit when ready.
You will receive a message that your submission has been saved.