Strategic Plan 2020-2023 

Strategic aims

Advocate for WIL  Foster good practice in WIL  Cultivate relationships in WIL  Manage sustainable WILNZ operations 
Champion WIL’s value, ethical and innovative practice, and research. Foster opportunities and good practice across diverse WIL roles. Develop and maintain networks, nationally and internationally. Ensure WILNZ is operationally sustainable for members
Actions (how we will we get there) 
Promote access to WIL and high standards for pastoral care, ethical practice, and health and safety Provide advice and guidance to WIL practitioners and partners Broaden the network of people engaged with WILNZ, including key industry, employer and community peak bodies, Government agencies, and WIL researchers Broaden and refresh communications and platforms
Hold an annual conference and publish proceedings Encourage research for capability and innovation in WIL Facilitate education provider relations (within, across, between) Ensure an up-to-date, accessible, attractive website
Manage and develop IJWIL Promote the use of resources for all aspects of WIL, for example in programme development, learner supervision, workplace liaison, career guidance Maintain formal relations with, and contribute to, national and international WIL community Ensure succession planning
    Grow WILNZ bicultural identity Strengthen sponsor relationships and ensure financial viability
    Collate and maintain national database of people and programmes involved in WIL Maintain statutory compliance, streamlined processes and records
      Maintain enduring relationships with members